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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
The first day of school didn't went well as I expected it to be. I was sorely ashamed sitting in the hall and be the only person who aren't qualified enough to be in the same class with my old classmates. Moving on, when our Physics teacher entered the class, she talked a lot about Science and how it affect people life. I was not paying any attention until she said this, "Bila awak ambil Sains Tulen, awak kene banyak sabar, hard work and minat. Di mana awak ? Tanya diri awak, 'Di mana saya berdiri ?' " That line hit me like it was truly meant for me. I always tell people around me that I want a fresh start, in fact, I need them. And I was a fool thinking that I was doomed being in that class. I want to moved out to other school because there's no point of staying when my only best friend had moved out, and I was true, I need her here by my side. Now that I'm separated from my close friends and be in the class with people I barely care to say 'Hi', I think I already achieved what I want. I want a fresh start but God didn't give it right on my face. And truth to be told, my prayers was accepted.

I will give this a week and if things doesn't work out for me then I have to say Goodbye to SAAS.



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